Get the BASICS right

Posted December 2, 2016

Before embarking on the curriculum entailed in its extensive range of driving courses, the folks at the Toyota Advanced Driving academy ensure that all participants undergoing training understand the very basics of safe driving practices before they hit the skidpan, says TAD’s VON KRAUSE.... Keep reading


Posted September 27, 2016

When behind the wheel, it assumes huge responsibility on the part of the driver. Sticking to just a few basics will ensure safe travel for everyone, as Toyota Advanced Driving’s VON KRAUSE advises.... Keep reading
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YOUR TEEN and the road

Posted August 1, 2016

Soon teenagers eligible to get their driving licenses in their eighteenth year will rush to do just that. VON KRAUSE explains why basic training is not enough the guarantee their safety.... Keep reading

The confusing world of ABBREVIATIONS

Posted June 8, 2016

Modern cars come with a plethora of driver aids that are in general conversation often reduced to abbreviations. VON KRAUSE explains what they mean and how they benefit you.... Keep reading

Tired of hearing about tyres?

Posted April 25, 2016

Tyres are safety-critical items on a car and needs to be cared for, says VON KRAUSE. Their long-term health is as important for your car as it for your life.... Keep reading


Posted March 29, 2016

Traveling with the family pet is a potential hazard for both the animal and owner. Pets can cause distractions for the driver and sudden stops could cause severe injury or death to the pet.... Keep reading

Why Fleet Training is a good idea

Posted February 22, 2016

The cost of traffic accidents amount to huge overheads to a company’s running budget. Giving road-going staff proper driver training can reduce this significantly, says VON KRAUSE.... Keep reading

Save it for a rainy day

Posted January 25, 2016

Water is regarded as the essence of life, yet when it comes to road users the opposite could apply, argues VON KRAUSE.... Keep reading

Road tripping, safely

Posted November 30, 2015

The summer months equates to much fun in the sun, often long distances from home at a favoured holiday destination. Toyota Advanced Driving’s VON KRAUSE has some advice to ensure the year’s road trip is a safe and hassle-free one, avoiding those road-side emergencies.... Keep reading

Just a little TOLERANCE

Posted October 20, 2015

Are we contributing to the road carnage by being intolerant to other road users? VON KRAUSE begs the question, particularly appropriate with the onset of the holiday season.... Keep reading